Audiovisual explorations and handmade electronics


Dual VCA


Coming soon


The Ekkoflok modular- coming soon!

The original Hexaphon prototype


The original Hexaphon prototype from 2019

Live at Brønshøj Vandtårn pt. 2


Live at Brønshøj Vandtårn pt. 1




Oscillationer w/ Svend Sømod


Now with a webshop!


Check it out!

Hexaphon workshop


Hexaphon demo




A new prototype of the Hexaphonic witchcraft synth is ready! Look out 😈

Bo_ohm music video


My good friend Claes aka. RAND (r7p5.earth) has made this beautiful video for my track Bo_ohm. Check it out! www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vO7tbt_-es

Axoloti on Arch


Note to self: If I find myself installing Axoloti on Arch Linux again - the following command might come in handy:
sudo archlinux-java set java-8-openjdk

MOSAIK release fest


The release of MOSAIK is getting closer! Join us the 15th of December at Støberiet, KBH N.
Great music, cheap bar and stunning laser visuals!

I'm looking much forward to the night and have invited some great people to join us for the line up:
AK89 - a dear friend of mine, and probably the artist I have booked the most times - will soothe (and slap) us with her beautiful mixture of field recordings, noise and surprising sounds - improvised live on the spot.

A-Kura is improvising live with his modular synth - and last time I saw him live, I felt a certain kind of familiarity between his and my own approach to performing live. Can't wait to hear what he is up to this time.

Svend Sømod, another old friend of mine, will take it all to another level with his laser magic (can't wait!). He has booked be several times (he even made me play a techo(ish) set...), and also created beautiful visuals for the release of Lydlandskaber back in 2017.

Lastly Claes (aka. RAND), the other half of SinaGUI, has made a video for Bo_Ohm which will be screened before the live music.


MOSAIK review


Mosaik is out now - and welcomed with a great review in Musique Machine.
In Paul Casey's words:
"The further men integrate with and utilize machines for their daily lives and expressions, the closer the two become to becoming one. With this synergy looming closer and closer each day, one begins to understand more of one's life through the electronic tones and textures of the machine and a sort of hybridization begins to take place. Over the course of Mosaik's 37 minutes, Ekkoflok introduces the listener to eight different pieces and eight different looks at human perception via machine language. For those familiar with this communication, the worlds and atmospheres shown are vibrant and evocative, and for the others, although it may seem alien, it is indeed a part of them, and this curiosity begins to take hold."

Read the full review here:

And listen to Mosaik here:



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