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LYDLANDSKABER - 12" vinyl LP plus CD

LYDLANDSKABER by Ekkoflok is an extended sound work released as a combination of 12 inch vinyl (LP) and compact disc (CD).
The album exists somewhere in between genre labels such as ambient, drone, abstract, experimental, electronica, avant-garde, noise and sound art.
Created entirely using homebuilt sound sources including a Serge inspired modular synthesizer the instruments becomes an extension of the composition itself.
All tracks are so called "one-takes" - recorded live in the studio directly to a portable recorder with no computer in between. Inspired by the compositional workflow traditionally known from the world of jazz music it adds a degree of edge usually not found in the sound-on-sound approch commonly found in electronic music production.
The compositions all derive from initial improvisation and sound exploration and are captured as these moments arise. If a track is not sufficiently "finished" a new take is made - often resulting in a whole new piece of music. The opening tune "40 BPM" reached it's full potential in the third take as noted in the title.

Cover art of the Lydlandskaber LP

The cover art of Ekkoflok - LYDLANDSKABER

LYDLANDSKABER was released the 1st of april on 12" vinyl. In addition to the LP the release features an almost 44 minute long work released alongside on homeburned, handnumbered CD-rom.
Limited edition of 100 copies - including high quality 12" vinyl record and hand numbered homeburned CD. Includes free download and bonus track(s).
Released on Unit Shifter Records. CC BY-SA-NC. Some rights reserved.

LYDLANDSKABER is now available on music.ekkoflok.com In addition to the following record stores in Copenhagen: Insula music, Vinyl the Hangout, Sound Station, Sort Kaffe og Vinyl and CPH Music Maker Space.

Please contact me if you are interested in distribution of the record.

Listen to EfterÄrspanorama #2 - the second track of the album:

Front cover of Lydlandskaber LP, cover art by Anders Byskov

Back cover of Lydlandskaber LP