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In 2012 I started building my own modular synthesizer. It has been an amazing, rewarding and inspiring journey.
Needles to say I was bitten by the bug…. Modular synthesizers are addictive beasts, even more so when your are not limited to existing modules!

More info to follow…

And for your eyes:

Modules in these two transportable 7 x 17 inches “bud” boats:
Top row, from left to right: Dual linear feedback shift register (aka. digital noise, based on the Serge/ CGS digital noise)(unfinished), Nonlinearcircuits quadrature VCF/ VCO/ LFO, Serge/ CGS Triple Waveshaper (TWS) , Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG), Smooth and Stepped Function Generator (SSG), dual saw/ square vco (design based on Synthmongers 40106 VCO), 3 channel mixer, dual VCA + noise source + inverter + comparator.
Bottom row, from left to right: 4 step CGS sequencer/ programmer/ preset, breadboard prototype module (own design), Thomas Henry Xr-VCO + Lockhart wave shaper, dual VCA, XR-VCO + MSE Wave Burper.

The Cod Roe synthesizer (Torskerognssynthesizer) built by Ekkoflok somewhere around 2015.

Currently I'm working on PCBs(printed circuit boards) for various projects too.
The following are snapshots of my take on designing a circuit board for the Buchla cross fader.
I'm using KiCad which is a really great piece of open source software.

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