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Instruments and synth DIY

In 2012 I started building my own modular synthesizer. It has been an amazing, rewarding and inspiring journey.
Needles to say I was bitten by the bug…. Modular synthesizers are addictive beasts, even more so when your are not limited to existing modules!

More info to follow…

And for your eyes:

Modules in these two transportable 7 x 17 inches “bud” boats:
Top row, from left to right: Dual linear feedback shift register (aka. digital noise, based on the Serge/ CGS digital noise)(unfinished), Nonlinearcircuits quadrature VCF/ VCO/ LFO, Serge/ CGS Triple Waveshaper (TWS) , Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG), Smooth and Stepped Function Generator (SSG), dual saw/ square vco (design based on Synthmongers 40106 VCO), 3 channel mixer, dual VCA + noise source + inverter + comparator.
Bottom row, from left to right: 4 step CGS sequencer/ programmer/ preset, breadboard prototype module (own design), Thomas Henry Xr-VCO + Lockhart wave shaper, dual VCA, XR-VCO + MSE Wave Burper.

Currently I'm working on PCBs(printed circuit boards) for various projects too.
The following are snapshots of my take on designing a circuit board for the Buchla cross fader. I'm using KiCad which is a really great piece of open source software.

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