Audiovisual explorations and handmade electronics


2022 - MOSAIK, (CLANG073), Clang (DK) & Stargazing at Blank Skies (US), vinyl, CD, Cassette, digital

2018 - November[], digital EP

2017 - Solbro, single, digital release.

2017 - LYDLANDSKABER LP, vinyl/ CD hybrid

2016 - Compilation One. 40 BPM (take 3) featured on 12" vinyl compilation, released by Unit Shifter Records

2014 - Snig. Single. Digital release

2010 - Release of my debut album Creativity of a Basement. 11 original tracks, homeburned CDs in very limited edition.

2007-2010 Remixes of classical works by Stravinskij, Beethoven, Ravel among others. Released through the mixtoverdener.dk project.