Audiovisual explorations and handmade electronics

Upcomming events, concerts and workshops

Oscitrode workshop, Herlev Demotek 27-03-2019

Oscitrode workshop at Demoteket Herlev

Performance/ interactive Installation, Faxehus Efterskole, 20-03-2019

A performance on my old border school with the amazing Sistor. We will perform on my modular synthesizer as well as a modular controlled sound sculpture made for the occasion.

SA]]m0st'_27, 5 March 2019

Community SoundArtist.ru with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, the Solyanka VPA state gallery and the GROUND Khodynka gallery present a concert of radical sound experience. GROUND Khodynka Moscow, Levchenko str., 2

SONUS NODORUM, 3 March 2019

Moscow Museum of modern art, Vadim Sidur Museum and community SoundArtist.ru present a concert of experimental electronic music. Participants: Valdemar Kristensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, Novogireevskaya str. 37A

Concert in the NCCA, 2 March 2019

Experimental electronic music with an emphasis on author's modular DIY synthesizers. Participants: Waldemar Christensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) National centre for contemporary art Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str. 13