Audiovisual explorations and handmade electronics

Upcomming events, concerts and workshops

Plant music at the opening of Det Grønne Hjørne w/ Bo Thorning, 13-06-2019

An interactive perfomance/ installation w/ Bo Thorning during the opening of Det Grønne Hjørne
Another chance for you to experience and join the plant controlled concert. Blågårdens Bibliotek, Copenhagen N
12-06-2019, kl. 17-45
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Plant music at Statens Museum for Kunst Thy w/ Bo Thorning, 07-06-2019

An interactive perfomance/ installation w/ Bo Thorning during the SMK Friday in Thy
Statens Museum for Kunst, Thy
07-06-2019, kl. 17-21
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The Organic Concert, w/ Bo Thorning, 11-05-2019

11-05-2019, kl. 17:00
The Organic Concert is a plant orchestra, a collection of singing plants. Instruments composed of different plants and electronic circuits measuring the touch of the audience on the plants and translating it into sound. During the workshop the artists will build, modify and play on the plants and possibly other organic lifeforms. The audience is invited to participate, modify and play the orchestra in a continuous human-plant-electronics jam session.
A tactile and audible exploration of human-plant-computer interaction. Computer-ecosystem and human-computer interfaces increase in numbers, types and functionality - driven by and allowing for a reimagination of our relation with other organisms, plants and the entire ecosystem. The organic orchestra will give voice or sound to these other beings, and allow us to see their individuality through the sounds and interactions, not merely their aesthetic qualities. The audience will interact, play, talk and from this simple technological interface, be invited to imagine and dream of other meaningful future interspecies and inter-technological relationships.

Oplev et syngende planteorkester – en samling planter tilsat elektroder, der forvandler tryk på blade, grene og blomster til lyd. Undervejs vil kunstnerne bag The Organic Concert bygge, justere og spille på de syngende planter.

Martin Malthe Borch, Mads Hobye, Nikolaj “DZL” Møbius, Bo Thorning, Valdemar Thomas Kristensen, Nicolas Padfield, Schack Lindemann, Vanessa Carpenter, Thomas Jørgensen, Thor Lentz, Åsmund Boye Kverneland, mmborch.dk, illutron.dk, fablab.ruc.dk, biologigaragen.org, hobye.dk, musicmakerspace.dk, ekkoflok.dk Facebook event |

Aalborg Surreal audiovisual performance w/ RITES, 03-05-2019

An audiovisual perfomance w/ RITES during the Aalborg Surreal IIIII
Box town, Aalborg
03-05-2019, kl. 22:45
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Lutter Øre #39 w/ Hermann Müntzing, 04-04-2019

I'm playing an improvised concert with Hermann Müntzing from Malmö during the Lutter Øre #39.
Lutter Øre, Dronningens Tværgade 52, 1302 Copenhagen
04-04-2019, kl. 20:00
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Oscitrode workshop, Herlev Demotek 27-03-2019

Oscitrode workshop at Demoteket Herlev.
Looking forward to building Ositrodes with 15 students at Demoteket, Herlev Bibliotek.
Interested in a synth building workshop? Get in touch!

Performance/ interactive Installation, Faxehus Efterskole, 20-03-2019

A performance on my old border school with the amazing Sistor. We will perform on my modular synthesizer as well as a modular controlled sound sculpture made for the occasion.

SA]]m0st'_27, 5 March 2019

Community SoundArtist.ru with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, the Solyanka VPA state gallery and the GROUND Khodynka gallery present a concert of radical sound experience. GROUND Khodynka Moscow, Levchenko str., 2

SONUS NODORUM, 3 March 2019

Moscow Museum of modern art, Vadim Sidur Museum and community SoundArtist.ru present a concert of experimental electronic music. Participants: Valdemar Kristensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, Novogireevskaya str. 37A

Concert in the NCCA, 2 March 2019

Experimental electronic music with an emphasis on author's modular DIY synthesizers. Participants: Waldemar Christensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) National centre for contemporary art Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str. 13