Audiovisual explorations and handmade electronics

Upcomming events, concerts and workshops

Winter jazz w/ G. Preisaite


Prepared piano and live looping with reel to reel tape recorders.
Koncertkirken, 2200, KBH N

Oscillationer Vernisage


Vernisage for Oscillationer with Svend Sømod.
15-17, Taastrupgaard

Live @ Inkonst w/ G Preisaite


Performing with Ginte Preisaite at Inkonst, Malmö. Ginte on prepared piano and me on live looping with reel to reel recorders.




Sinagui, film screening and more!

A/V installation @ dystopian



Build your own modular synth!


Time has come for you to build your very own modular synthesizer! We have been busy developing oscillators, filters, envelopes, wavefolders and a bunch of other modules and now is the time to harvest the fruit! Information on price and signup soon to come! Stay tuned.

Vertigo x Ekkoflok x AK89 x Fatäk x Lucie Cure x Prix du Pain i Brønshøj vandtårn


Prepare for an otherworldly night of audiovisual explorations - and a twenty second reverb!

The Collective Modular Synth


Joins us for building the collective modular synth - a synthesizer that will live in the maker space for everyone to use! We have been busy developing oscillators, filters, envelopes, wavefolders and a bunch of other modules and now is the time to harvest the fruit!

Hexaphon workshop


Build your own synthesizer! Everybody is welcome, no previous soldering or electronics experience is necessary. We'll guide you from start to finish.
Six voice analog, touch controlled synthesizer.
18th of May, 2023
KL. 17-21
CPH Music Maker Space, Korsgade 30, 2200 KBH N
How much?
DKK 300.
The workshop is held by Ekkoflok & CO. at the Music Maker Space. We are a bunch of music and synth lovers and enthusiasts that meet every Thursday to share our passion for synthesizers and obscure technology.
Byg din egen synthesizer! Alle er velkomne, ingen forudgående erfaring med hverken elektronik eller lodning er nødvendig.
Vi guider dig fra start til slut 🙂
Seksstemmig analog, berøringsstyret sindssygsejser.
18. maj, 2023.
KL. 17-21
CPH Music Maker Space, Korsgade 30, 2200 KBH N
Hvor meget?
DKK 300.
Workshoppen er afholdt af Ekkoflok & Co. hos CPH Music Maker Space. Vi er en samling af glade synthesizerelskere og -entusiaster der mødes hver torsdag for at dele vores passion for synthesizere og obskur teknologi.


Lydvandring @ 48 timer festival


Meet us at Ragnhildgade 1.

MOSAIK release


I/O Presents:
The release of Ekkoflok's third full length album, MOSAIK. An album that Ekkoflok himself describes as "a sonic mosaic of sound in sustained time".
Contrary to his previous album Lydlandskaber (2017), which was made entirely of one-takes, MOSAIK is made from many layers of sound from various sources including his homebuilt analogue modular synthesizer, prepared instruments, vocal and field recordings.
Listen at: https://ekkoflok.bandcamp.com

Join us for celebrating the release and enjoy a night in the name of sound exploration.
Music from 19:00 - the bar is open from 17:00, so come early and grab a beer (and a record ;-))
Line up:

Accompanied by stunning laser-visuals by Svend Sømod
Also, RAND has produced a visual side for Bo_Ohm that will be screened before the live music.

I/O aims to bring together a community of modular-enthusiast musicians, and give them the possibility to both meet, share and perform. We organize concerts in Denmark which may host hybrid performances blending instruments, visuals or other performing arts, yet always featuring a modular instrument on stage. I/O intend to open spaces for sonic experimentation, immersive listening, and adventurous soundscape exploration. We hope these happenings may provoke and inspire diverse forms of both artistic and human encounters. We welcome any one of you, input-output freaks, or patching-virgins to join this adventure. Event is free. We hope to see you there

Live @ Gallopperiet, Christiania


Join us for the finnisage of the exhibition Five to Twelve by Dalmose and others. Also live poetry and spoken word.

Sinagui @ mayhem


Once again Sinagui will soothe you with our audiovisual explorations.

Live @ Gallopperiet, Christiania


Performing from 22:20-00:00 on my homebuilt machines - and maybe some tape machines, too. Kulturnatten København 2022

Delehack washing machine edition


Join us, when we transform old washing machines into something (hopefully) interesting. And possibly something that makes sound! 1900-2100, Herlev Bibliotek, Herlev

Diy synth from electronica scrap


We are transforming electronics scrap into electro acoustic instruments. For kids (weekend for børn) 12-14

Dolce Vita release


I'm playing at Kristian Møller-Munar's release of "Dolce Vita". Doors at 20, music from 2100. Mayhem, Copenhagen

Ungdommens Folkemøde


We are transforming old hard drives into oscillators. The 7th and 8th of September. 10-15. Valbyparken, Copenhagen

Bæredygtighedsdag @ Herlev Bibliotek


Vi bygger synths af elektronikskrot.

DIY synth workshops @ Makerfest NV


In the morning I'll build photo theremins with school kids and in the evening everyone is welcome to drop by and build little synth or a hard drive oscillator. Hope to see you!

Supernoise @ Støberiet



Lydvandring 2 @ Kulturhavn


Gå på opdagelse i havnens lyde Tag med på lydvandring i Sydhavnen og oplev havnen fra en helt ny vinkel. Kom med lydkunstner, Valdemar Kristensen, på en anderledes udflugt rundt i Sydhavnens kringelkroge med høresansen som din primære rejseguide. Søn. 28. aug. 2022 Kl. 12 - 15 Vi mødes ved Orientkaj Metro, Nordhavn


Lydvandring @ Kulturhavn


Gå på opdagelse i havnens lyde Tag med på lydvandring i Sydhavnen og oplev havnen fra en helt ny vinkel. Kom med lydkunstner, Valdemar Kristensen, på en anderledes udflugt rundt i Sydhavnens kringelkroge med høresansen som din primære rejseguide. Lør. 27. aug. 2022 Kl. 12 - 15 Frederiks Brygge


Sinagui @ Mayhem


Sinagui is a duo of audio-visual explorations. Ekkoflok on his homebuild analog modular synthesizer and Rand on his homebuilt GUI-less visual synthesizer software Niseq. Together they improvise collectively, responding to one another - creating on the spot an audio-visual world and bringing you along on the journey.

Synth repair and Oscitrode workshop


Bring your broken electronics, twist some knobs and build an Oscotrode synth while you're here.

Audio-visual koncert w/R7p5


Come by Støberiet for some audio visual improvisation with R7p5 and I. Claes will perform with his homebuilt software Niseq and I on my modular.

Blip blop @ Bayern


Blip blop at the old farm in Heilegart 1. Viel spass!

Delehack vol. 2 @ Herlev demotek


Once a again we meet in Herlev Demotek for another little hackathon.
This time we'll transform old hard drives into mechanical oscillators of sorts.
Limited seats.

Delehack @ Herlev demotek


I'll be hosting a circuit bending workshop
- transform a (sound-making) toy into an instrument!
Limited seats.



Celebrate the birthday of my brother and I with soundscapes, noise and techno all night long. Audiovisual open stage! Lars Fra Mars, Fatäk, Halfdan M, Ekkoflok, Birk ARN, AK89, Darch, Terminal Void, Danius Groove ::::::::::: BYOB! 20:00 - ???

Ekkoflok x Lars fra Mars @ uKirke


Ekkoflok x Lars fra Mars x Lea. 19:00 - 22:00

Optur, Koncertkirken


Ren Optur; James Webb Telescope
Join us, as we accompany the rocket launch, using it as a live score.

Algorave @ Støberiet


I've heard rumours about free booze... and food.. and live coding...
What's not to like?!?!?!

Noisefest @ Støberiet


Join us for a massive amount of noise...

Live @ Churchill #43


Live @ MRO Retrospektiv - w/ Thomas Agergaard & P. O. Jørgensen


Live @ Berlin Soup PB43


Live @ Berlin Soup Gallopperiet


Live @ Berlin Soup Støberiet


CPH Music Maker Jam @ PB43


Come, bring your DIY-instruments and jam along - and get your 5 minutes of fame, when HBO comes by

Livecoding workshop @ Algolab


Join us for a livecoding workshop with the great people from Livecoders Collective CPH

Dystopian Nights @ Mayhem, 03-07-2021

I'll perform along a bunch of other great folks at mayhem. Come along and get a dose of dystopian sound waves.

Algolab: livecoding visuals 15th and 29th of july 2021

A colaboration between CPH Music Maker Space, CPH Livecoding Collective and me.
Pt. one will focus on visuals while pt. 2 will focus on sound.

Berlin Soup festival 13th - 19th of August 2021

A week of art and preformances around Copenhagen. More info to follow

Synthesizer-workshop @ Herlev Demotek, 04-09-2021

Synthesizer workshop. Building synthesizers from upcycled materials.
04-09-2021, 13:00 - 15:00

Whispertronics @ Lennox Raphael 9nth of September 2021

A whispering edition of my spontanious sound painting

Live coding for kids 25-09-2021

Introduction to programming and music. Learn to code while making groovy beats.

MRO Retrospektiv @ Maglemølle 23rd - 30th of September 2021

Music for bells and electronics - introducing the aleatoric carillon

Strange Sounds/ Strange Visuals @ Maglemølle 3rd of October 2021

Performance in the old paper factory Maglemølle, Næstved w/ P O Jørgensen and Thomas Agergaard


Past events:

Soundwalk @ 48 timer 14th of May

Join us for an explorative walk around Copenhagen, using our ears as our primary sense of perception.

Synth showcasing at WORM Rotterdam

This Saturday I'll showcase the conductive matrix mixer along with the Oscitrode and my modular gear
WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Conductive Matrix Mixer @ Illutron December 8th, 2019

This sunday I'll be demonstrating the conductive matrix mixer on a hexaphonic speaker setup!
Additionally there will be served hot Glögg and other great musicians such as Lars from Mars and Jacob Remin will also perform.
Illutron, Refshaleøen, Copenhagen S

Søsterékko @ Villa K, Haag, Netherlands

Once again the radical duo Søsterékko will soothe your ears with barefeet synthesizer conductivity, modular improvisation and ring modulated political messages.

Villa K
Violenweg 2
2597 KL Den Haag


Søsterékko, WORM, Netherlands

Look forward to a performance with Ekkoflok and Sistor - together known as Søsterékko!
I promise, it won't be boring!

Stichting WORM
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam


Churchill #41, Kulturnatten 2019

This evening I'll perfom with the incredible jazz guitarist Jonas Raahauge, taking you on a journey of modular bleep blop and drones accompanied by soothing guitar vibes.

Fra arrangøren:
Velkommen til ChurChill#41 i Brorsons Kirke! ChurChill er en 5 timer lang meditation med ambient, elektronisk musik, hvor du kan komme og gå som du vil fra kl. 20-01. Inde i kirken fylder Vertigo kirkerummet med lyd, lys og visuals på hvælvinger, gulve og vægge. Skiftende kunstnere afløser hinanden hen over aftenen, så det bliver en lang collage af lyd og indtryk.
Brorsons Kirke, 2200 KBH N
Facebook event | vertigo.dk

Assemball @ Vega Arts, 20-09-2019

This evening VEGA|ARTS will celebrate art as counterculture and mobilization as part of GOLDEN DAYS.
For this occasion, Kosmologym’s ASSEMBALL reexamines ways of working together.
ASSEMBALL offers teams a physical way to explore their role in political and organizational structures.
The game binds teams in reconfigurable jerseys by means of physical attachments that represent these structures.
The teams’ configurations are inspired by different forms and principles of human organization:
Anarchist groups, bureaucracy, constitutional monarchy, etc. Still, the common goal for all the teams will be to score more than the opposing team.

Programme for the evening:
19:00-20:00 Opening, drinks and introduction to the artists and VEGA|ARTS by curator Matthias Hvass Borello in Salonen with performance by Kristoffer Akselbo

20:00 Kosmologym: ASSEMBALL

21:00 Ellis May + Søren Thilo Funder

22:00 Kosmologym: ASSEMBALL with musical accompaniment by Ekkoflok and Pauline Hogstrand

22:30 Intet Altid

We hope to see you there!

Enghavevej 46, Copenhagen V
| kosmologym.dk

Oscitrode ceremony @ Fell Out of Summer 2019

We'll be doing a ceremony/ performance playing on amplified Oscitrodes only in the stairway of Støberiet. Blågårdens Bibliotek, Copenhagen N
Facebook event |

Oscitrode workshop and concert at Chipwrecked 2019

I'll conduct two Oscitrode workshops and perform at this years Chipwrecked
Østerlars, Bornholm
15th-18th of August 2019.
Facebook event |

Plant music at the opening of Det Grønne Hjørne w/ Bo Thorning, 13-06-2019

An interactive perfomance/ installation w/ Bo Thorning during the opening of Det Grønne Hjørne
Another chance for you to experience and join the plant controlled concert. Blågårdens Bibliotek, Copenhagen N
12-06-2019, kl. 17-45
Facebook event |

Plant music at Statens Museum for Kunst Thy w/ Bo Thorning, 07-06-2019

An interactive perfomance/ installation w/ Bo Thorning during the SMK Friday in Thy
Statens Museum for Kunst, Thy
07-06-2019, kl. 17-21
Facebook event | Website

The Organic Concert, w/ Bo Thorning, 11-05-2019

11-05-2019, kl. 17:00
The Organic Concert is a plant orchestra, a collection of singing plants. Instruments composed of different plants and electronic circuits measuring the touch of the audience on the plants and translating it into sound. During the workshop the artists will build, modify and play on the plants and possibly other organic lifeforms. The audience is invited to participate, modify and play the orchestra in a continuous human-plant-electronics jam session.
A tactile and audible exploration of human-plant-computer interaction. Computer-ecosystem and human-computer interfaces increase in numbers, types and functionality - driven by and allowing for a reimagination of our relation with other organisms, plants and the entire ecosystem. The organic orchestra will give voice or sound to these other beings, and allow us to see their individuality through the sounds and interactions, not merely their aesthetic qualities. The audience will interact, play, talk and from this simple technological interface, be invited to imagine and dream of other meaningful future interspecies and inter-technological relationships.

Oplev et syngende planteorkester – en samling planter tilsat elektroder, der forvandler tryk på blade, grene og blomster til lyd. Undervejs vil kunstnerne bag The Organic Concert bygge, justere og spille på de syngende planter.

Martin Malthe Borch, Mads Hobye, Nikolaj “DZL” Møbius, Bo Thorning, Valdemar Thomas Kristensen, Nicolas Padfield, Schack Lindemann, Vanessa Carpenter, Thomas Jørgensen, Thor Lentz, Åsmund Boye Kverneland, mmborch.dk, illutron.dk, fablab.ruc.dk, biologigaragen.org, hobye.dk, musicmakerspace.dk, ekkoflok.dk Facebook event |

Aalborg Surreal audiovisual performance w/ RITES, 03-05-2019

An audiovisual perfomance w/ RITES during the Aalborg Surreal IIIII
Box town, Aalborg
03-05-2019, kl. 22:45
Facebook event | Website

Lutter Øre #39 w/ Hermann Müntzing, 04-04-2019

I'm playing an improvised concert with Hermann Müntzing from Malmö during the Lutter Øre #39.
Lutter Øre, Dronningens Tværgade 52, 1302 Copenhagen
04-04-2019, kl. 20:00
Facebook event | Lutter Øre

Oscitrode workshop, Herlev Demotek 27-03-2019

Oscitrode workshop at Demoteket Herlev.
Looking forward to building Ositrodes with 15 students at Demoteket, Herlev Bibliotek.
Interested in a synth building workshop? Get in touch!

Performance/ interactive Installation, Faxehus Efterskole, 20-03-2019

A performance on my old border school with the amazing Sistor. We will perform on my modular synthesizer as well as a modular controlled sound sculpture made for the occasion.

SA]]m0st'_27, 5 March 2019

Community SoundArtist.ru with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, the Solyanka VPA state gallery and the GROUND Khodynka gallery present a concert of radical sound experience. GROUND Khodynka Moscow, Levchenko str., 2

SONUS NODORUM, 3 March 2019

Moscow Museum of modern art, Vadim Sidur Museum and community SoundArtist.ru present a concert of experimental electronic music. Participants: Valdemar Kristensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, Novogireevskaya str. 37A

Concert in the NCCA, 2 March 2019

Experimental electronic music with an emphasis on author's modular DIY synthesizers. Participants: Waldemar Christensen (Denmark) Sergey Filatov (Russia) National centre for contemporary art Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str. 13