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Welcome to my humble corner of the internet!
On this page you can delve into my explorations of sound and circuits.
Most things I do are centered around sound in one way or another, even if the sound itself is sometimes a side effect of my studies. I find that I often get the most inspired in the middle of troubleshooting some circuit - thus many of my works are made with things being in a half-broken state, connected with alligator clips and held together with duct tape.
Along with the sound aspect of my practice, the do-it-yourself approach, is something that seems very natural to me; I like to build stuff from scratch, to design my own instruments and make my own discoveries. In the beginning I started building synthesizers out of curiosity, and for myself only, but it has evolved a lot since then, and now I have designed several synthesizers and a whole modular system. The instruments are all available as DIY-kits.

A central part of my practice is the sharing of knowledge.
Through workshops on sound - mainly on building synthesizers and other sound electronics I strive to share my passion for building my own sounds from scratch; from basic electronic components.
I have performed and conducted workshops many places around the world including Copenhagen, Reykavik, Moscow, Malmø, Rotterdam and Berlin. Additionally I run the local hackerspace in Copenhagen focused on sound - the CPH Music Maker Space.

I have also done workshops and consulting work for the Royal Danish Arts Academy as part of the Sounding Bodies Research w/ Jenny Gräf.

If you are interested in booking me for a concert, exhibition or workshop, please get in touch!

When performing live, I perform on my homebuilt synthesizers, usually with my modular playing the main role. I like to start with no cables plugged in, to engage the audience in my journey of sound. It is not unlike colours and shapes emerging on a blank canvas, seemingly out of nowhere.

Currently I'm on a post graduate diploma on RMC in Copenhagen, where I research the music inherent in the circuits I design.

Ekkoflok live at the release party of Lydlandskaber first of April 2017

Ekkoflok with his homebuilt modular synthesizer

Ekkoflok performing at the release party of Unit Shifter Compilation One, 2016

Ekkoflok live at Torsdagshack, CPH Music Maker Space

20th of December 2018, Blågårdens Bibliotek